Last December, Italy took an important step towards facilitating dignified death — it allowed citizens to write a living will. However, the Catholic Church is doing all it can to hinder it under the label of conscientious objection.

Why this story matters:

At last, Italy took a step towards facilitating dignified death when, in December 2017, the senate passed the law on the living will. T

Most importantly, the new law introduces the so-called “advance dispositions of treatment” (DAT), a declaration through which a person can “express her/his preferences in the field of health care, as well as consent or refusal regarding diagnostic or therapeutic choices and individual health treatments, including artificial nutrition and hydration practices”.

It is not a perfect law — above all because it fails to include the possibility of euthanasia — but nonetheless a step in the right direction. According to it, neither the state nor the Church have authority over people’s bodies but each of us individually.

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