General election will be held in Italy this Sunday. Among the old protagonists of Italian politics (including the immortal Berlusconi) and the neo-fascists, a new force has emerged — Power To the People, a left-wing movement led by a woman.

Why this story matters:

For a long time now, the sentiment dominating Italian perspective on politics has been that of disillusionment. The widely acknowledged crisis of democracy is above all a crisis of representation and trust in institutions.

People have given up on politics believing that they do not affect their lives, that those who have little are destined to have even less, while the privileged continue to thrive.

Many people see politics as driven by the same laws as nature, where the strongest always win.

However, with the Sunday election comes a gleam of hope — a new political party Power To the People (Potere al Popolo), born only a few weeks ago. It was established by a group of young social activists from Naples, which is one of the most difficult areas in Italy.

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